Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Turn a Cardboard Box into a Firetruck

We've all heard the old adage about kids having more fun with the box than the instead of throwing out the box, why not make it into something cool, like a firetruck? I was inspired when my son came home from school with a Fireman's helmet made out of a paper plate.  What better to go with a paper plate than a cardboard box? And so our journey began..
We started out with an empty diaper box and spray painted a base coat of black paint, because that's what we had on hand.  In retrospect, white would have been better, but we always try to work with what we have...
Then we searched online for some templates to print out for the emblems....
And cut out a couple of ladders, windows and headlights...
Then we pasted them on!  That simple! We had a Rolobox kit, which is a set of reusable wheels that can be put on any size box.  It's an awesome product for toddlers, because it comes with brackets that are large and easy enough for them to twist and turn.  It's good for their fine motor development, and fun for them because it's something they can actually do themselves! My son wanted a ladder he could take out and play with, so we ended up making one from the leftover cardboard....and here's the final product!  Not overly complicated, but it gets the point across, and he loves it!
BTW, here's the Fireman's helmet he came home simple yet ingenious!  They come up with the best ideas at his school!

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