Monday, November 11, 2013

How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar

This is a great idea for Christmas, especially if you have kids.  It's a good way to get their hands involved in a creative activity while also teaching them the value of recycling.  After they're done, fill the rolls with anything from candy to bouncy balls.

You will need:
25 toilet paper rolls (without the toilet paper!)
cereal boxes
computer printer and paper

First, you will need to glue the toilet paper rolls together, like so:

Until you have 24 glued together:

Cut and glue the cereal boxes so they resemble a roof.  Glue the 25th toilet paper roll on top for the chimney and put a piece of tissue paper coming out to resemble smoke.  Now glue the 24 toilet paper rolls to the roof, print and cut out circles of numbers 1-24 and glue onto each roll.  Fill each roll from the back with whatever goodies your heart desires and let your little ones at it!

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