Thursday, September 5, 2013

Egg Carton Fairy Lights

Most everything we buy comes in some sort of packaging.  Be it toothbrushes, cereal, soap, shoes, even eggs...the average person gives little thought to what it comes in.  They open the package and discard it. Why wouldn't they?  It's not the package they're buying, it's the item inside. It's understandable. It's a necessity of life.  We couldn't just have eggs flying around the back of shipping trucks without something holding them in place...that would be a big slimy mess!  So we have egg cartons, to get them safely from one place to another.

But have you ever thought about the amount of garbage you accumulate simply from packaging?  I know that's the majority of my trash, and I think about it every time I have to take it out, which unfortunately is a lot.  Why not do something creative and useful with some of the packaging, therefore creating less waste and more art?

Hence, egg carton fairy lights.  This is a great idea for Christmas,  a little girl's room, or even for a porch or veranda.  I put mine up for Christmas in the kitchen and they produced such a beautiful glowing light at night, that I never took them down.  Here's how you do it:

Egg Carton Fairy Lights


The materials are simple...all you need are egg cartons, scissors, and a hole puncher! And of course, some LED Christmas lights.  Important: make sure they're LED because other types of lights may produce heat, which could be a fire hazard.

This particular egg carton had 6 eggs in it, so it will only make 6 fairy lights.  If you have a strip of 50 or 100 Christmas lights, you will obviously need to make more.  I used a strip of 100, but only covered every other light, so I made 50.  Cut each egg "holder" into separate pieces.

After they're cut into separate pieces, cut and shape them a little more so they look like flowers.  Then use the hole puncher to punch holes in whatever pattern you see fit, to let more light shine through.  Make sure you poke a hole through the top so you can slide it onto the light. 

And there you have it.  Egg carton fairy lights.

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