Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Using Recycled Shipping Containers as Housing

I've been seeing a lot lately about recycling old shipping containers into living spaces. It's hard to imagine living in what is essentially the back of a truck, but with some architectural engineering and interior design, what once was just a steel box, becomes a sustainable home.  This one is an orphanage in New Jerusalem.   Stack a few on top of each other, at different angles to create depth and complexity, and you almost forget you're looking at containers.

This Student Housing complex solves the problem of housing many students in close proximity to each other.
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Build a Costa Rican Home for under $40,000.
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 Container City in London.
The greatest homes made from shipping containers around the world

When the employees are done working for the day, they can close up this Coffee Shop...literally!
Shipping Container Houses (Follow Up)Shipping Container Houses (Follow Up)

SEED  is a project that aims to provide emergency housing to people that have been devastated by natural disasters.

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